Advanced Concrete Solutions Inc.

Specialty Concrete Restoration Contractors

Specialty Concrete Restoration Contractors

Advanced Concrete Solutions Inc. (ACS) was created in 2005 to provide specialty concrete repairs to the industrial, municipal, manufacturing and commercial sectors throughout the province of Ontario.

Since its inception, ACS has successfully completed numerous high profile projects throughout Ontario in the Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Mississauga and Toronto areas as well as projects in Sarnia, Kingston, Windsor and Sault St. Marie regions. It has over the past 10 years gained recognition as one of the leading specialty concrete restoration contractors in the province of Ontario.

ACS will consult with clients, discussing their needs and problems, then develop and implement specialized repair procedures applicable to the task at hand. Fast turnaround is possible for plant shutdowns using specialized products making down time a minimum.

Services offered by Advanced Concrete Solutions Inc. include:

  • water cut off and seepage control on concrete structures such as tanks, tunnels and foundations using polyurethane crack injection and chemical grouting techniques

  • structural repairs of concrete using epoxy injection and carbon fibre reinforcement

  • concrete restoration and repair using shotcrete, polymer mortars and epoxy mortars

  • pressure grouting using cement, microfine cement and sodium silicate materials for void filling and soil stabilization

  • epoxy floor coatings and trowel applied mortars for industrial, manufacturing, food and beverage facilities

  • chemical resistant fibreglass linings applied to tanks and secondary containment areas utilizing fibreglass resins for exposure to acid and caustic solutions

  • protective coating applications to concrete and steel using epoxy, polyurethane, vinyl ester and liquid rubber resins

Solutions to concrete problems can be complicated but with their "hands on" expertise, Advanced Concrete Solutions can solve your problems, on time and on budget.